Saturday, 14 May 2016


Dear reader,

Welcome back to! Just a quick note to inform the reader that I will be - for a brief period - posting at a slower than usual rate due to external obligations that exist outside of this blog.

One needn't fear that I will disappear - I will still try to post when time permits.

In the interim, feel free to peruse the many articles on unravelingmusicalmyths and enjoy the wide variety of orchestral, operatic, sacred and secular music - all of which I have selected for inclusion on this blog due to my personal affinity for each piece (and all of which also exist within my private collection of favorite works). There is much to listen to and enjoy, and much to learn and discover!

As always, keep checking back often and enjoy your stay at!

Listen below to Greek-American soprano Maria Callas sing "Pace, Pace Mio Dio" from Italian composer
Giuseppe Verdi's 1862 opera Forza del Destino:


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