Sunday, 2 July 2017


What better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of this great land than with a tour of my hometown - 1979 Toronto - guided by, and from, the Gouldian perspective of the nation's former greatest musical export?

"Glenn Gould's Toronto" remains a staple of autobiographical film featuring the late enigmatic virtuoso.  In this intimate, Genie-nominated 48 minute documentary, the world renowned pianist delivers to the viewer his unique - often sardonic - perspective of the Ontarian capital: discussing it's then-archeological advances, it's culture (with coy references to the ever enduring Toronto-Montreal oneupmanship) and offering reflections on what the city itself - and city living - means to him, delivered all with the pianist's famous trademark wit.

I can think of no better musical representative for Canada than Gould, in whom I identify with in more ways than I can count - both psychologically and on principle - and as a fellow Canuck. Thus, I have chosen Glenn Gould's Toronto for this special edition of Weekend at the Movies with Rose and to celebrate the historic sesquicentennial.

Bonne Fête, Canada! 

Parts: I (below), II, III, IV, V, VI on YouTube

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