Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Louis Niedermeyer
Today’s featured "aria" comes to us from 19th century Swiss-born French composer Louis Niedermeyer, who was born 214 years ago today on April 27, 1802.

Niedermeyer was known as a sometime-opera, full time church music composer who doubled as maestro of the École Choron (which he would rebrand after his surname) – a school specializing in the study and practice of church music.

Niedermeyer’s chief success would come in the form of composing both sacred and secular music after several attempts at seeking fame through the composition of operas, which, with the exception of his inaugural work Il reo per amore, staged at Naples in 1820 failed to yield any significant profit or critical praise.[1]

Listen below to the sacred aria di chiesa (church song) Pietà, Signore, a merciful plea of sinner to Lord commonly thought by modern classical music scholars to be the work of Louis Niedermeyer.

Sung by tenor Luciano Pavarotti:

Also sharing a birthday today is the 19th century German composer Friedrich von Flowtow of Martha fame, who was born the 27th of April 1812:

Ach, so Fromm, from Friedrich von Flowtow's opera Martha. Sung by tenor Jonas Kaufmann.

[1]Niedermeyer’s brief foray into the world of opera composition was spurned on by one Gioachino Rossini. The Swiss-born Frenchman would later contribute to Rossini’s pastiche Robert Bruce by way of providing to the Italian composer the French libretto for the work.


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