Tuesday, 22 March 2016


'Listen' to the 'natural' music of Jupiter, whose
"electromagnetic particle vibrations" of
the Gas giant was 'captured' by Nasa's spacecraft Voyager.
If you are like me, and took to the night yesterday evening to gaze up at our celestial heavens, you would have been lucky enough to behold the spectacular sight of our majestic (nearly) full moon flanked by the gas giant Jupiter.

From my perspective here in Canada, the weather could not have been more ideal for naked eye viewing of our solar system's largest planet (according to NASA, not only can every planet in our solar system easily fit inside of the behemoth sphere, a whopping count of "1000 earths" could do just as well - and still spare some elbow room!)

As I gazed up into the (relatively) clear night sky, there, shining with a luminescence more than twice as bright as our brightest star Sirius - was a sparkling diamond, back lit by a glowing ring of yellowish-white castoff from the light reflected by the sun onto a swelling waxing gibbous moon. It was glorious.

If you missed out on last night's gorgeous spectacle, not to worry. The month of March continues to be very active and easily visible from our vantage point here on Earth. 'The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing' Sky News has a detailed chronology of what to expect in the coming days and weeks: SKY NEWS.

In honor of the heavens' grand exhibition, enjoy below music from a unravelingmusicalmyths favorite astronomer-composer: the Symphony No. VIII from the astronomically musical 18-19th century polymath who first discovered the planet Uranus! (Read more about William Herschel below)

and lets not forget film industry favorite, "Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity" from 20th century English composer Gustav Holst's epic Planets Suite:

Today's Quote of the Day comes to us from Holst:

"The Heavenly Spheres make music for us,
The Holy Twelve dance with us,
All things join in the dance!
Ye who dance not, know not what we are knowing."

Happy viewing! Get out there, and look up!


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