Nikola Tesla, father of the Tesla coil & pioneer of the modern
alternating current electrical supply system, and whose
innovations on low current, high voltage electricity assisted,
and continue to assist greatly in the transmission of music to
the general masses by means of radio, television and
other electronic formats.

It has come to my attention that certain article(s), all of which are originals, have been taken from unravelingmusicalmyths and paraphrased and/or posted to ‘teaching sites’ for profit. This notice is to remind the reader interested in directly quoting from, in part or in full, and making derivative use of my works both with and without the intent for monetary gain, is strictly prohibited under copyright.

All articles and posts on this blog are automatically date and time stamped at point of live posting and/or the making and updating of drafts, regardless of the presence or absence of this information on the user screen.

The process and act of continuing the tradition of teaching, especially when it comes to the subject of history, can be a precarious ground to cover. In essence, the relaying of history, outside of an individual’s modern/retrospective opinions on his or her chosen subject, is, in fact, the rehashing of information passed down through many generations. It can be tricky to keep one’s work wholly original, particularly where history is concerned, which often makes use of documented quotes. Lifting sentiment, sentence and document structure, imagery and sequence, however, is tantamount to plagiarism, and should have no place, particularly where higher education is concerned, within the teaching sector.

At the very least, it is bad form. At its height, it is unethical, most especially where profit is concerned, and when the offender is a member of faculty at a University which enforces high-tuition fees on it’s student body. It is wholly unfair not only to the University administration itself, but to those hard working young men and women juggling student loans, after-school jobs and grades on a daily basis. It is an outrage to the parents of those students who rely on the credibility and credentials of it’s governing bodies to offer a healthy return on that investment by offering what should be a unique education to their children. 

It is also wholly unfair to independent bloggers such as myself who put in much time and passion in creating for the inquisitive reader original content.

I seize this opportunity to remind the reader interested in using for any purpose(s) any content on this blog (including any images created by the author of this blog in addition to text) that both author permission and due credit are required. Both may be requested by submitting a request in the contact form on the lower right hand panel and by perusing the Terms and Conditions of this website located at the bottom of this page in the “All Contents Copyright by Rose” hyperlink.

I thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

Friday, June 17, 2016.